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20 Blue Nail Art Ideas For Short Nails

striped ombre nails 20 Blue Nail Art Ideas For Short Nails post image

Blue color has a thousand of shades: it is the color of a cloudless summer sky and a dark winter moonless night. It’s cold color that consider to be gentleman’s appropriate (as pink for women). 

Paying no attention to stereotypes we think that blue nail varnish (in all tones) is cool and sofisticated. Blue manicure is in trend, we often see pictures of space blue manicure, pastel blue nails, matte deep blue nail art, etc. Do you want to see other blue nail art ideas? We have selected for you 20 simple ideas that we hope you will like.

 Blue Nails With Gradient Roses

blue nails with gradient roses


 Blue roses made out of ice shining in a dark blue night. These are the thoughts come to my mind when I see this cold, but nice and romantic manicure. An excellent choice for true Snow Queen.

Blue Cheetah Nails

blue leopard mani


Cheetah manicure look amazing in any color palette. And combination of light blue polish with purple spots isn’t exeption. So if you occasionally have a couple of these lacquers at home, try this nail design and we sure you’ll like the result.

Mermaid Tail On Your Nail

mermaid blue and green nail design


Fabulous nail art that reminding us of the miraculous little mermaid Ariel from the Disney cartoon. But even without references to the romantic tailed girls manicure looks simply stunning: gradient from blue to marshy green, glitter and color palette in general make me feel the strongest admiration.

Greased Polka Dot Light Blue Nail Art

turquois polka dot nail design


Blue manicure with little blurry double polka dots looks to me as a new word in the nail design. Very interesting idea, which I have not seen before. To create the manicure as you may have guessed is quite simple: you need dotter tool, black, white, blue nail polishes and a bit of creative expression.

Polka Dot Deep Blue Nails

polka dot blue nail design


One of the easiest ways to turn a dull mono-colored manicure in a cute and fun nail design is to add polka dots. Not actually surprise, but this method always works.

Marble Blue Nail Art

marble blue nail art


Deep blue polish and gold studs? You may think this color combination looks strange. But why not? This color scheme though unexpected, but it looks chic and somehow rich.  Marble accented nails make manicure more relaxed, but more stunning as well. The effect of the marble polish is not difficult to repeat, see the step-by-step tutorial here.

Blue French Nail Design

blue french manicure


Once again we see the combination of blue and gold polishes, but this time in the form of a modest and restrained French manicure.

 Blueberries Nails

Blueberries nail art


One of the most famous super-food is blueberries and it’s now can be on your nails. To create such a beautiful gradient you will need a sponge, blue and white lacquers.  Good Luck!

Blue And Pink Nails

blue and pink nails


Super bright combination of blue and pink nail polishes.

Pretty Blue Nail Design

blue nail art


Very beautiful manicure, which may seem difficult for beginners. In fact you can simple draw these elegant roses on your nails using nail art pen.

Dark Blue And Glitter

blue glitter nail art


How nice that you can turn any dull manicure into shining and festive design just by adding glitter. Remember, glitter is universal remedy for depression and boredom.

Glitter Gradient On Light Blue Nails

glitter gradient on blue nails


Delicate blue nail polish and silver glitter gradient transform your nails in the concentration of all nice on the Earth.

Blue And Gold Geometric Nail Art


Really neat, but chic linear nail design for short nails.

“Back To School” Nail Art

blu nail art


Nail design that will remind you of the crazy days at school, the first love, the best friends, funny parties, etc. That’s cool to remember sometimes these moments and to make the appropriate manicure.

Striped Blue Ombre Nail Art

striped ombre nails


Blueberry manicure with strict geometric white stripes. To create such a nail design you will need a sponge and tiny tape for manicure.

Blue French Mani

blue french mani


Another modification of the classic French manicure: double tip of pastel blue and glitter. This manicure is still looks neat, but not as restrained as usually

Psychedelic Blue Nail Art

blue freehand manicure


Strange but beautiful manicure which proves that nail art is ART.

 Reverse French Mani

half-moon nail design


Fancy blue and white manicure which combines different types of reverse French manicure, accented nail, mono-colored mani and even nail sticker.

Houndstooth Accented Nail

nail stamping in blue


Beautiful example of nail stamping in houndstooth style. Elegant yet not bored nail design that is pretty easy to make.

Blue And Yellow Nail Art

blue and yellow nail art


Bright and contrasting combination of yellow and blue in this modern manicure will cheer its owner up.

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