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23 Adorable Pink Nail Designs For Girls

Wild Iridescence nail design 23 Adorable Pink Nail Designs For Girls post image

Pink is certainly the most feminine color  (in any of its shades). Therefore, the fact that a pink nail design is always relevant isn’t surprising. We’ve distinguished some summer 2015 trends for pink nail design.

1. Bright neon shades gain its popularity in the spring and summer, when the soul ask for bright colors and ready for bold experiments. That’s why super-bright, neon or even acidic pink shades will look great among the summer variety of colors, so we would advise hot pink nail design even for the most modest and conservative ladies.

2. Romantic pastel pink shade is always relevant, that’s why it is the “must have” lacquer for any girl. In the summer days it’s great to wear lollipops pastel shades with cool or warm peach hint at its core. Sequins or rhinestones will make pink nail design even more girlish and airy.

3. Ombre nail design is one of the most popular technique today. This summer we can safely try to create a gradient from pink to pink. Try the transition from pastels to neon or from warm pink-peach to cool pink with purple midtone.

4. Pink French manicure. Once again the French manicure is trendy, but today ladies do not limit themselves to neutral shades and a white tip of the nail. Now you can experiment with plenty of shades.

Nude Pink And Rhinestones Manicure

nude pink nail design with rhinestones

photo credit

Sunset Nail Design

hot pink ombre nail design

photo credit

Half-Moon Pink Nails

pink nail designs with gold cuticle

Wild Iridescence Mani

Wild Iridescence nail design

photo credit

Nude Pink Polka Dotted Nail Art

nude pink and golden dots nail design

Pink And Glitter Color Blocks

hot pink and glitter mani

photo credit

Shebby Chic Nail Art With Roses

shabby chic pink nail design

photo credit

Pink Leopard Mani

pink leopard nail design

Pastel Pink Mani

glitter pastel pink nail design

photo credit

Glitter Ombre Nail Design

hot pink to pink ombre nails

Cute Floral Pink Nail Art

pink flowerish nail design

Polka Dots And Zebra Nail Art

pink polka dot mani

Festive Ring Finger Pink Mani

pink nail design with festive accent nail

photo credit

Camomile Nail Design

camomille pink nail design

Chevron Ombre Nails

chevron ombre nail art

Pink Gradient Nail Design

pink gradient nail design for short nails

Linear Blue And Pink Mani

linear pink nail design for short nails

Summer Palm Pink Manicure

summer pink manicure

photo credit

Braid Accented Nail

hot pink manicure

Hot Pink And Rhinestones Nail Design

rhinestones and pink nail design

3d Coral Nail Design

peachy pink nail design for short nails

photo credit

Hibiscus Nail Art

striped and flowers nail design


Dirty Pink Floral Nail Design

dirty pink nails

photo credit

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