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25 The Cutest Summer Nail Designs For Beginners

cute summer nail designs

1. Butter And Peach Nails

A butter shade is in the trend this summer. Combine it  with a gentle peachy pink polish and you will get a bright eye-catching mani

butter and peach nails

2. Teal And White Glittered Nails

Nice combination of white, teal and glitter varnishes is a great option for a holiday or evening with your friends. Use a thin brush to paint the tiny strokes of white polish and grlitter.

teal and white nails


3. Funny Nail Decals

One of the simpliest ways to make you nails attractive is to stick some funny decals. Check out etsy.com to find your favourite heroes.

my littele pony nail decals

4. Palm Tree Nail Art

Minimalist and cute palm trees will not take much of your time, but give you a tropical touch. Products used: China Glaze Too Yacht To Handle, OPI Alpine Snow, Revlon Gold Rush etc. Check out turorial


5. Bright Color Blocks

Bright color blocks nail design is a trendy classic of this summer.  To create four blocks on each nail use striping tape. Read more here

bright color blocks

6. Super Cute Ladybug Inspired Mani

The ladybug nail design is a truly lovely and a bit childlike option, it will cheer up not only you, but people around as well. Multisized dots were created with a dotter and opaque, tomato red nail laquer is Ladybird Nail Laquer by Butter London.

ladybag inspired nail art


7.  Mint Chevron Nail Design For Summer

Simple yet stunning and elegant nail design for mint hue lovers.

mint chevron nail design for summer


8. Matte Mint & Pink Nails With Silver Studs

One more great mani for those who loves pastel shades. Matte effect make this nail design truly toy and lovely and silver studs add elegancy and chic.

matte min and pink nail design

9. Bright Neon Gradient Nail Design: Pink To Yellow

You gotta love this minimalistic yet stunning ombre manicure in shades of sunset. This summery option make your nails really pop. Wanna grab some attention?Check out tutorial

Pink To yello brignt gradiet

10.  Blue To Yelloy Neon Nails

This brignt neon combination just screams summer – The Sun, green leaves and blue sky – this funny gradient & Polka dot design will shine on your nails.

lime neon nail art

11. Blue Nails With Accented Floral Ring Nail

Сalm and balanced color combination for those who prefer an elegancy and soft chic.

elegant blue nail art

12. Pineapple Simple Nail Art

Sweet and popular trend of this summer is definitely a fruit inspired mani – strawberries, watermelon, orange, kiwi, banana and pineapple of course – popular nail bloggers tried out all of them. Check out this simple pineapple nail design on lapaillettefrondeuse.blogspot.ru

pineapple nail art

13. Neon Marble Summer Nail Art

Vibrant neon marble nail design is a summer-approved idea. And the process of making it spattering a polish on your nails is so much fun!

splattered nails


14. Splatter & Polka Dot Nails

Pollock inspired splatter nail design looks lovely with loose Polka dots.

Splatter nails 2


15. Simple White & Glitter Manicure

Liven up your simple white manicure with silver stipes and accented nail.

simple white glittered mani


16. Try Neon Glitter Nail Polish

Check out etsy.com to find your favourite one.

Glitter Nail Polish

17. Funny Sunglasses Nail Art

Tiny sunglasses on multicolored pink nails not only look funny and eye-catching on , but protect them from the Sun :)

sunglasses nails


18. Hot Summer Nail Design

The Sun, melting ice cream, striped swimsuit and mojito – all things you need to get a relaxed summer mood.

summer nails


19. Gradient & Golden Polka Dot Nail

Nice girlish pastel ombre and deep golden Polka dots – a little unbalanced, but the vibrant color combination is perfectly suitable for summer days

gradient polika dot nail art


20. Matte Pastel Nails

Stunning matte gradient manicure in the shades of the ice.

matter pastel nails


22. Neon Bubble Nail Art

Watch how to make this cute pastel bubblicure: video tuturial

neon bubble nail art

23. Matte Lavender To Mint Polka Dot Nail Art

Fading away matte Polka dots leaving a feeling of a miractle – and that’s true! True miricle of the perfect manicure.

lavender and mint polka dot

24. Minion Nails

The main hit of summer 2015 – check out how to make it tutorial

minion nails

25. Smiley Nails For Smiling Summer

smiles nails

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