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26 Cute Pink Nail Designs

26 Cute Pink Nail Designs

Pink polish is undoubtedly one of the most cute and girly option for manicure. Especially our days when baby pink nails decorated with rhinestones, studs, Polka dots or ribbons are the main fashion trend of the year.

Nail fashionistas try different color combos to liven up their pink mani – from traditional pink & white, pink & black to some unconvinient options like pink & green, pink & blue, pink & gold etc.

In this articls we’ve gathered some great pink nail ideas for those who want to try pink polish magic.

1. Cute Baby Pink Nails With A Curious Eye

soft pink mani with eye


2. Funny Pink & Green Polka Dot Nail Design

pink and green cute mani

3. Matte Neon Peach Nails With Studs

Matte Neon Peach Nails With Studs


4. Hot Pink Ribbon Nail Art

color blocks and stripes

5. Cute Pink And White Nail Design

trieangle pink mani


6. Lovely Trieangle Pink Glitter Nail Design

Romper Room from Essie + Pinky Glitter Polish

triengle pastel pink and glitter nail


7. Cute Kitten Nail Art

metter pink mani with a cat


8. Nude Pink Polka Dot Mani

nude pink polka dot mani


9. Pretty Peach Nail Designt With Ombre Hearts

peach mani with hearts



10. Hot Pink And Golden Nail Design

Pink And Golden Nail Design

11. Super Girly Baby Pink Nail Design

Super Girly Pastel Pink Nail Design

12. Cute Skull Nail Design

Check out nail decals on etsy.com

cute scull manicure

13. Simple Flowers Nail Design

@I began with Zoya Purity and then used striping tape. I polished Zoya GeiGei over the tape and pulled it off. Next I used Zoya Lara, China Glaze Re-fresh Mint, and Purity to create modern flowers. I did this by dotting the outside petals with my largest dotting tool with one color and then using another color to dot just inside of the first set of dots. I finished off with one dot in the center!@

Simple Flowers Nail Design


14. Paris Inspired Nail Art In Pink Shades

Paris Inspired Nail Art In Pink Shades


15. Stripes & Polka Dot Mani

Stripes & Polka Dot Mani

16. Cute Flamingo Nail Art

Cute Flamingo Nail Art


17. Tropical Pink Nail Design

Tropical Pink Nail Design

18. Nice Feather Nail Art

Feather Nail Art

19. Watermelon Nail Art

Watermelon Nail Art

20. Pretty Pink Nail Design With Rhinestones

CPretty Pink Polish With Rhinestones

21. Cute Pink And Black Nail Design

cute pink and black nail design


22. Black And Pink Cheetah Nail Art

Black And Pink Cheetah Nail Art


23. Baby Pink Feather Nails

Baby Pink Feather Nails


24. Triengle Moon Pink Nails

Triengle Moon Pink Nails


25. Pink And Black Nail Art

Pink And Black Nails

26. Pink And Blue Nautical Nail Design

Girly Sea Aestetic


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