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37 Cute And Easy DIY Nail Designs For Beginners

37 Cute And Easy DIY Nail Designs For Beginners

1. Summer Color Block Nails

Bright summer nail design that easy to create: apply two layers of opaque white polish, attach sticky tape on either side of the nail and begin to paint polish strokes one after the other. When all strokes are painted remove tape and seal your nails with a top coat.


  • SallyHansen 300 White On for base
  • Orly Mash Up collection polishes for pattern.


Step-by-step here

2. Beach Waves Inspired Nail Art For Summer

A great and quite simple choice for those who are going on holiday to the seaside or just loves the summer and the sea.

Watch cool tutorial by Janelle Estep here

cute easy nail designs for summer

3. Saran Wrap Easy Nail Art

One more cool nail design that any  beginner can easily repeat. Depending on the chosen colors, this design can be used both for everyday life and for holidays (just add a little bit of gold and rhinestones).



4.  Funny Polka Dot Nails

A simple way to create a fish scales or  a mermaid tail effect on your nails. Use dotter or hairpins to get accurate dots.

turquois polka dot manicure

5. Cute Gradient Cheetah Nail Art

Very cute, but chic manicure, which combined  animal motif  and neon gentle gradient.


  • OPI‘s My Boyfriend Scales Walls for base
  • China Glaze’s Peachy Keen and Highlight of My Summer for ombre and cheetah’ spots
  • Black polish, sponge, sticky tape, dotter

sweet and cute cheetah mani


6. Elegant Nude Manicure With Sparkle Touch

Elegant and simple manicure for those who prefer the classic style, but want to add a touch of holiday in everyday life



7. B&W Negative Space Nail Design

Stylish option for lovers of minimalist black&white aesthetics and negative space nail design.



8. Pastel Blue And Black Geometric Nails

Simple and elegant nail design, that any beginner can do using sticky tape and imagination.

geometric nails

9.  Beautiful Feather Nail Art

To decorate your nails with a romantic black & white feather, use a thin brush for nail polish

feather nail design

10. Cute Cherry Blossom Nail Design

Far East inspired mani, that looks pretty relaxed and cute due to effect of carelessness.

nail art -cherry blossom nails - branch nails manicure

Step-by-step tutorial here

11. Snakeskin Mesh Manicure

snakeskin nails

Step-by-step Tutorial here

12.  Sunset Party Nail Art

Chevron and gradient nail design that has strong party feeling. If you dont have zig-zag stickers use  scotch tape and scissors to create them.

Party nail designs

13. Loose Floral Design

Fancy floral nail design which is not very difficult to do, though, you may need some practice. But in the end you get a delicate and fashionable nail design in retro-style.

loose floral nail art

14. Cure Cloudy Sky Nail Art

“Happy clouds in a nice blue sky” mani is really easy to make using dotter or hair pins.

cute cloudy sky nail art

Step-by-step tuturial here

15.  Love Letter Nail Art

Cool pastel nail design with geometric elements. To create it you will need a tape and tiny brushes for nail polish.

love letter nail art

Step-by-step tuturial here

16. Seashore Nail Art

Wonderful and fancy nail art in which we can see the sea horse, seaweed, pebbles and sun glares. Beautiful remind about life on seashore.

jungles nail art

Step-by-step tutorial here

17. Easy DIY Flamingo Nail Art

Manicure with pink flamingos looks cute and feminine.

flamingo nail art tutorial


18. Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream Nails

Nail design created by Maria from Sonailicious.com inspired by Marc Jacobs Daisy Dream parfum.



19. Chocolate Paws Nail Art

Funny and cute manicure, which will remind you of your beloved pet.

chocolate paws

20.  Super-Cute Coral Teddy Bear Nail Design

Сoral polka dot manicure looks bright and summery and a peeking teddy bear makes it sweet and charming.

coral teddy bear nail art

“How-to” video 

21. Simple White Matte Nails

simple white matter nails


22. Plaid Inspired Negative Space Nail Design

Use a thin brush to create this stylish negative space manicure with plaid pattern.

plaid inspired nail design

23. Simple Cream & Black Polka Dot Nail Art


24. Anchor Nail Tutorial

Funny pink manicure in a nautical aestetic. Make the neat strips with scotch tape, and do not forget to draw the anchor.

Anchor nail tutorial

25. Interlocking Dots Nail Design

Interlocking Dots


26. Gradient Diagonal Stripes Nail Design

gradient diagonal nail art

27. Opaque Glitters

The great option for the laziest girls like me. All you need is the polish that contains bright glitter chunks.

polish me silly nails

Buy Here

28. 80’s Geometric Bright Nails


step-by-step: thenailasaurus.com

29. Turquoise And Lavender Easy Nail Art

Cool blobbicure.

teal and lavendre nail art

GIF Tuturial here

30. The Ombre Stain Manicure

soft gradient nail art


31. Starry Sky Manicure

Constellation nail art for both who loves astronomy or astrology.

starry sky nails


32. Eiffel Tower Inspired Nail Design

paris style manicure

33. Yellow And Gray Sporty Nail Art


34. Music Notation Nail Design

music notation nail art

35. Easy Dandelion Nail Art

Easy dandelion nail art


36. Bordered Pink Mani

boardered pink mani


37. Knit Nail Art For Beginners

knit nail art

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