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55 Trendiest Nail ART Designs That Will Boost Your Creativity

Neon Flourish Nail Design

In this article we have compiled 55 of the freshest and the trendiest nail designs ideas by exploring creations of unknown nail designers and stars via their Instagrams, Pinterest and blogs. We pretty sure that this collection will inspire you for your own nail art experiments.

1. Smiling Ice Cream Nail Art Design

So cute little ice creams that smile to you and all people around lifting up the mood, especially on a hot summer day.

Funny Ice Cream Nail Art Design


2. Gradient Tribal Pattern Nails

Tribal pattern inspired ombre hot pink to yellow mani is just the sort of nail designs  that is perfect for summer days on the beach.

Gradient Tribal Pattern Nails


3. Blue And Pink Glitter Nail Art Design

Great combo of deep blue polish and pink glitter decorated with a black knitted patter on the ring finger.

Blue And Pink Glitter Nail Art Design


4. Butterfly Wings Nail Art

Bright rainbow butterfuly wings is the powerful trend of summer nail art ideas. To create such a woderful radiant design nail blogger thepolishedmommy.com used Fame by ILNP, Sephora line of polishes and stamping pattern from this collection

Butterfly Wings Nail Art

5. Chic Nautical Nail Art

Deep matte blue polish and freehand painted anchor decorated with rhinestones making this nautical mani look elegant and chic. To create this look @ashleygz used Blue Magic polish my @nailtini and matte top coat.

Chic Nautical Nail Art

6. Rainbow Cheetah Nail Art Design

Rainbow Cheetah Nail Art Design


7. Orange Ombre And Gold Nail Design

Orange to white gradient, rhombus striped nails and golden accent – it seems @deanne29 gathered all we like in one mani! Products she used: All Sparkly And Gold by @opinailsuk, Red-y To Rave by @chinaglazeofficial and Snow Me White by @sinfulcolorsprofessional.

Orange Gradient And Ribbon Nail Design


8. Cute Roses Nail Art

Wonderful combination of matte freehand painted roses and deep blue glittered accent.

Cute Roses Nail Art


9. Baby Pink Glitter Nails

In this mani @dianne29 combined a moon nail design with a baby pink glitter and creame gems and get super duper cute and girlish nails.

Baby Pink Glitter Nails


10. Cute Knitted Nail Art Design

Elegant and humble nail design idea from Ariane Patricio. To create this look she used stamping plate from MoYou Pro Collection 01 and Laced Up (pink) and Be More Pacific (green) polishes.

Cute Knitted Nail Art Design

by Ariane Patricio

11. Cool Banana Nail Art

Banana, pizza, ice cream and other delicious food are slowly becoming a cool classic for our nails, the same thing is with money (remember Rihanna’s greenback decorated nails). Products Emily used to create bananas and money: Zoya Josie, OPI That’s Hula-rious, Milani High Speed Fast Dry Yellow Whiz, and Zoya Louise.

Cool Banana Nail Art


12. Neon Glitter Nail Design

Playful and bright glitter gradient on white nails.

Neon Glitter Nail Design


13. Green To Yelloy Lime Nail Art

Perfectly summer nail design that you can try to recreate with the help of this tutorial.

Green To Yelloy Lime Nail Art

14. Tender Neon Spirals Nails



15. Neon Chevron Nail Art



16. Neon Green Nails With Cute Roses

This matte neon nail design by Amanda Young is just incredible! To create it she used China Glaze’s Celtic Sun polish, leafy stamp pattern, freehand painterd roses and matte top coat. Full tuturial is here

Neon Green Nails With Cute Roses

17. Purple Roses And Orange Polka Dot Nail Art Design

Bright and high contrast nail design in pop art style. Made with Salon Perfect’s Traffic Cone (orange) and Salon Perfect’s Purple Pop.

Purple Roses And Green Polka Dot Nail Art Design


18. Geometric Neon Nails

Freehand painted geometric striped nail design, that in theory you can make using sticky tape – one more cool nail art idea for unusual mani lovers.

Geometric Neon Nails


19. Tropical Parrot Nail Art Design

Neon stamping nail design. Detailed tutorial is here

Tropical Parrot Nail Art Design


20. Cute Gradient Blue And Silver Glitter Nails

Stamping and sky hues gradient manicure  with two statement nails. Pretty simple yet chic option that you can try with help of this tutorial


21. Leaves And Roses Negative Space Nail Art Design

Leaves And Roses Negative Space Nail Art Design


22. Green Strokes Nail Art Design

Green Strokes Nail Art Design


23. Rainbow Summer Striped Nails

Cool rainbow neon striped nail design that is perfect just perfect for sunny summer days.

Raibow Summer Striped Nails


24. Pink And Blue Blobbicure

High contrasted pink and blue polishes combo that looks just amazing!

Pink And Blue Bubblicure


25. Azulejo Pattern Blue Ombre Nails

Azulejo Pattern Blue Ombre Nails


26. Geometric Nail Art Design

Trendy geometric nail design that is so easy to create using sticky tape and some nail polishes, but result is always stunning!

Geometric Nail Art Design


27. Blue Seashell Stamping Nail Art Design

One more beautiful sea and beach inspired nail design that is easy to create using stamping. Check out tutorial for detalies.

Blue Seashell Stamping Nail Art Design

28. Tropical Nail Design In Metallic Green

Sophisticated color choice with a tropical touch created by Natasha with some stamping patterns. Check out tutorial for detalies.

Tropical Nail Design In Metallic Green

29. Mermaid Friends Nail Decals

Nail Pop Shop recently has presented a great bunch of trendy and cool nail decals, check out all of them here

Mermaid Friends Nail Decals

30. Daisies at Sunset Nailr Art

Beautiful and romantical freehand painted daisies in deep purple and mauve shades – true nail ART! Check out how-to video


31. Floral Pattern On Vinous Glitter Nails

Floral Pattern On Vinous Glitter Nails


32. White Bordered Nude Gray Nails With Studs

White Bordered Nude Gray Nails With Studs


33. Blue Nails With Floral Pattern And Stuns

Blue Nails With Floral Pattern And Stuns


34. Unicorn And Roses Nail Art

Colorful and sweeet unicorn nails that we really like.

Unicorn And Roses Nail Art


35. Gradient Rhombus Nail Art Design

Op Art  inspired (as we guess) ombre rhombus mani that is cool and trendy.

Gradient Rhombus Nail Art Design


36. V-Shaped Blue Metallic And Gold Nails

Negative space, blue aqua polish and golden color blocks go perfectly together forming this chic and sophisticated nail art. Products: Kubiss – Aztek Gold (textured gold polish), Technic – Siona Island (blue aqua) and Gold Leaf by L’Oreal (the gold flake topper ).

V-Shaped Blue Metallic And Gold Nails


37. Lovely Pink And White Moon Nails

Straight-lined moon nail design in combinaion with the trendiest baby pink and white polishes by Jenna Hipp.

Lovely Pink And White Moon Nails


38. Twisted French Mani

Liven up your french tip manicure with geometric triangles!

Twisted French Mani


39. Gradient Stamping Nail Art Design

One more cool stamping plus gradient nail design that we like.

Gradient Stamping Nail Art Design


40. Colorful Red Nail Art

Colorful Red Nail Art


41. Aztec Pattern Nail Art

Freehand painted aztec pattern on a turquoise background – cool nail idea for thos who likes combine tribal and modern trend inspirations.

Aztec Pattern Nail Art


42. Baby Blue To Hot Pink Ombre Mani With Rhinestones

Baby Blue To Hot Pink Ombre Mani

@lextasy nails

43. Coral And Roses Nail Art Design

Coral And Roses Nail Art Design


44. Pink Ombre Chevron Nail Design

Pink Ombre Chevron Nail Design


45. Sailor Moon Nail Art Design

Nice nail art for Sailor Moon show fans. To create this manicure Stefani made a gradient using a sponge and free shades of polish: electric blue, lavender and teal. She decorated her nails with a constillation decals and Sailor Moon themed stamping plate both provided by bornprettystore.com. The datalied tutorial is here

Gradient Sailor Moon Nail Art Design

46. Chevron And Candy Swirl Nails

Chevron And Candy Swirl Nails

bt Ariane Patricio

47. “Tribal Lace” Summer Nail Art

Tribal Lace Summer Nail Art


48. White And Metallic Hot Pink Floral Mani

Fantastic floral nail art that was made with Essie – Urban Jungle white polish, hot pink foil and some simple hand-painted flowers.

White And Metallic Hot Pink Floral Mani


49. Black And White Striped Nails

Sophisticated black and white nail art which colors remind us about tropical beetles :) Tutorial and more nail designs in similar style you can find here

Black And White Striped Nails


50. Cute Blue Floral Nail Art Design

Cute Blue Floral Nail Art Design


51. Tribal Inspired Matte Gray Nail Art

Tribal Inspired Matte Gray Nail Art


52. Water Marble Nail Art

Water Marble Nail Art

53. Ombre Honeycomb Nail Art

Ombre Honeycomb Nail Art


54. Triangle Pastel Blue And Gold Nail Design

Triangle Pastel Blue And Gold Nail Design


55. Neon Flourish Nail Design

Neon Flourish Nail Design


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