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Black And White Nail Designs For Short Nails

black and white nail design Black And White Nail Designs For Short Nails post image

Contrasting combination of black and white colors in nail design looks strict and extravagant at the same time. And it’s pretty versatile: you can not only wear it to work, but to friend’s party as well.

We have chosen 25 ideas of black and white nail designs in which these contrasting colors wonderfully complement and enrich each other. Most of them could be easily repeated by beginners, others require skills, that can be achived by short practice.

Linear Black&White Mani

linear black and white nail art

Big trend of this year is minimalistic linear manicure in white&black color scheme. Create it with a thin brush or use a tiny tape.

Panda Nail Design

cute panda nail design

Panda manicure is cute and always in trend.

Black And White Craquelure

black and white craquelure

Craquelure which usually looks rather clumsily, in this manicure enhances restraint feeling of this black and white contrast. Bold decision for those who are not afraid to make experiments.

Black Border Nail Design

black and white bordered nail design

Matte white nail polish on black glossy lacquer that create effect of border is another trend of the coming year. To create this simple manicure you need to paint nails with a black lacquer and after it’s dry apply a few layers of white nail polish not reaching the edges of the nail 1-2 millimeters.

Striped B&W Mani

black and white stripped mani


Beautiful and extravagant striped design with gold nail studs. Actually I’m not sure that nude accents look cool and I’d keep black and white palette for this nail design.

Geometric Mani

geometric black and white nail design

black and white triangle nails



Glitter Ombre Nail Design For Short Nails

black and white nail design



Fence Nail Are

chained black and white mani



Black&White Polka Dot Nail Design

These simple nail designs can be made using dotter, which can be replaced for a manicure stick, toothpick, ballpoint pen. Different vatiations of dots and circles of different diameter create an original and unique manicure.

dotted borders nail design



black and white polka dot nails

big polka dot black and white nails

black and white manicure

Nice Birdy Mani

cute nail design with birds

This romantic nail design will remind the blue sky and the freedom of flight. This is not simple to repeat for beginners, but we think this black and white design is worth it to go to the salon.

Zebra Nail Art

zebra nail design

White Leopard Nail Design

black and white leopard nail design

Geometric Black&White Mani

geometric reverse french nail design

Simple, but sofisticate manicure that can be decorated with golden studs (see next manicure idea) for a holiday or leaved as it is for work with strict dress code.

Black And White Halves

black white and gold studs nails

B&W Marble Manicure

marble black and white manicure

black and white marble nail design

Chic B&W Nail Design

black white and gold manicure

This geometric nail design is the embodiment of elegance and good taste. It is perfect for evening events at which you want to shine.

White And Black Short Nail Design

black and white nail art with stripes

black and white nail art designs

Clear lines of these stripped manicures make them look very elegant and neat. We think that this is a great choice for judicious business woman.

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