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30 Cute Nail Designs For Short Nails

panda manicure 30 Cute Nail Designs For Short Nails post image

There are many fantastic cute ideas for short nails so you do not need to be afraid to experiment with your manicure just because your nails are short. You can play with color combinations, forms or drawings to get maximum cuteness. We have found 30 fancy and cute manicure ideas for short nails so we hope you will be inspired and make something nice on your nails.

1. Totally Cute Sheep And Heart Nail Design

unique short nail design


White clouds like sheep, silver glitter gradient, rounded red hearts and soft pink bows. It seems that if you add a some polka dots to this manicure, people hearts start melt with tender emotion.

2. Ice Cream Nail Design

cute short nail designs


Strawberry ice cream with chocolate and pistachio … on your nails … mmm so delicious… and really cute!

3. Red Ombre Manicure

cute short manicures


Red gradient manicure looks formal and suitable for work. At the same time red, pink and white flowers soften strict contrast and make nails look sweet and nice. The result is a versatile manicure, which will emphasize your femininity.

4. Polka Dot And Flowers Nail Design

polka dot and flowers manicure


What could be more lovely than the combination of polka dots and flowers? Probably only pandacur a.k.a. panda manicure. By the way, it is the next point in our cute short nail design list.

5. Sweet Pandacure

panda manicure

Panda nail design will make you a center of attention. Who does not love these cute animals? Do you think that to draw a panda on the nails is hard? Look closely and you’ll see that all you need is black and white nail polishes and dotter tool.

6. Bow Manicure

bow manicure


Tiny bows nail design reminds us of unopened gifts and give us festive feeling.

7. Cute Pink And Grey Nail Art

cute manicures for short nails


Note how the soft pink nail polish makes rather boring combination of gray, red and white colors warm and nice. Probobly soft pink is the cutest color (see item #10)

8. Half-Moon And Lace Short Nail Design

cute nail designs

Neat and somehow modest manicure with lace inserts and nude cuticles. Contrasting black and white polishes make this stunning design strict and suitable for office dresscode, at the same time rhinestones and glitter make it suitable for parties.

9. Bright Dotty Nail Design

polka dot manicure


Bright and festive manicure which is actually very easy to do. All you need is a dotter and some nail polishes.

10. Pink Panther Nail Art

pink pantera nail design

Very cute and funny manicure which will make you a center of attraction. People will ask you to show your nails closer and you will rememebr funny episodes of Pink Panther together.

11. Swans Manicure

swan manicure


Well what can I say? Swans are cool and cute. They are faithful, caring and slightly sad birds that everyone loves.

12. Cupcake Thumbnail

cute nail art designs


Unhealthy sweet-stuff manicure looks super stunning, but very risky for your diet ( it will remind you of delicious little things 24/7). Maybe we should consider making oatmeal nail design? I don’t know.

13. Watermelon Nail Design For Short Nails

watermelon nail design

Double french tipped nails + some black dots =  super bright and cute watermelon manicure.

14. Hello Kitty Nail Design

hello kitty nail art design


Cute manicure for “hello kitty” inspired teen-agers, kids and adults.

15. Light Blue Nail Design

blue nail designs


Сombination of pastel blue and white nail polishes creates a wonderful feeling of softness and lightness. It reminds us of the summer sky with soft cumulus clouds. One more advantage of this manicure is simplicity.

16. Mickey Mouse Mani

Mickey Mouse manicure


Minimalistic Mickey Mouse nail design is great for those who loves this cartoon, but dont want manicure looks too childish. This simple design is suitable for lazy or buzy people: Mickey’s head silhouette was created by three touches of dotter.

17. Negative Space Geometric Nail Design

negative space manicure


Soothing pastel shades make this nail design look so nice and comfortable. At the same time it’s fancy and trendy manicure which expresses love for abstract painting.

18. “Full Eye Contact” Short Nails Design

half moon manicure for short nails

I do not know why put this eye manicure to cute category. To be honest, it looks a little frightfully. Probably I’m under hypnosis.

19. Cute Hawaii Nails

turquoise cute nails

Harmonious and joyful manicure which will remind you of carefree summer days somewhere in Hawaii. Turquoise azure sea, golden sand and beautiful white flowers.

20. Cute Minimalistic Nail Design

cute minimalistic nails

Pale blue manicure with simple flower on a ring finger. Balanced nail art for lovers of minimalist Japanese design.

21. Summer Meadow Manicure

flowers nail design


Wonderful bright and cute nail design for short nails for the upcoming spring and summer.

22. Ethnic Short Nail Design

short nails ethnic designs

Rich in colors and vibrant manicure in Mexican traditional ethnic style looks very cute on super short nails. If you like this idea take all your bright polishes and begin to experiment using all of your imagination.

23. Negative Space Rounded Manicure

negative space short nail design


Cute manicure for women 30+. It is pretty neat, but not boring.

24. Pink And Gold Nail Design

pink and golden nail design


A beautiful combination of nude pink and gold polishes makes this nail design look chic and stylish.

25. Lovly Pink Polka Dot Manicure

pink polka dot manicur


This manicure shows that is not necessarily to repeat similar pattern for all nails. The combination of  polka dotted and mono-colored nails makes the manicure neat and nice.

26. Cute And Minimalistic Mani

minimalistic negative space nail design


Cool triangle + line short nail design that is very trendy now. The variety of colors makes this manicure childishly playful and very sweet.

27. Hot Pink French Manicure

hot pink french manicure


The classic French manicure was made in bright pink palette which makes it a bit extravagant, but still nice and neat.

28. Coffee Mani

geometric short nail design


Geometric nails in the colors of cappuccino. Flowers accented ringer finger  adds softness and completeness to this pretty strict and formal nail design.

29. Nice Orange Fish Nail Design

nice fish manicure


Great opt for kidults. This childish manicure with funny fish look soooooooo cute that I’m in my 26 going to try it. White contrasted accents give more brightness to  orange patterns.

30.  Half-Moon And Flowers Short Nail Design

half moon and flower short nail manicure


Fashionable half-moon manicure meet here an elegant floral nail design. Pleasant colors and beautiful performance make it look stunning.

I hope you like your short nail design ideas! Tell Us your opinion in comments.

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