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15 Easy DIY Nail Designs For Short Nails

blue nail designs 15 Easy DIY Nail Designs For Short Nails post image

Nobody would argue that short nails are comfortable for everyday life, but what’s important they are actually beautiful and trendy at the same time. We want to offer you a few easy short nails design tutorials which can be repeated by any beginner. For most of nail designs we’ve found you will need 2 or more nail polishes and  such simple supplies as scotch tape, nail art pen, thin brush, food film, sponge.

Do not forget to start manicure by giving your nails a beautiful shape ( rounded square is the trendiest), remove the cuticles and apply a base coat to smooth out nail surface and protect it from the harmful effects of laсquer.

Simple Reverse French Mani

  1. Apply a black polish (consider gold or silver metallic as well)
  2. Gently apply a second layer of turquoise (or any other contrasting color) polish about 2-3 mm above the cuticle
  3. Apply a top coat
  4. You’re done!

Easy Nail Designs For Short Nails At Home

Graffiti Short Nail Art

  1. Apply the first layer of dark nail polish (black or dark blue)
  2. Take a silver lacquer and get the nail polish off the brush by dragging it against the inside of the top of the bottle. Apply 2-3 smeared brush strokes on each nail
  3. Repeat #2 with golden nail polish
  4. Apply a top coat and you’ve done

Nail Art for Short Nails Easy Nail


Black And White Eyes Manicure

cool and easy nail designs for short nails


Easy Ikat Nail Design For Short Nails

  1. Apply a pale blue lacquer
  2. Paint 2-3 red oblong spots on each nail using brush
  3. Gently insert white spot into each red spot
  4. Finish ikat pattern with nail art pen
  5. Apply a top coat

Nail designs for short nails – cute and easy design for any length of nails


Reversed French + Half-Moon Mani

  1. Apply alternately salmon and black nail polish
  2. Cut out 2 scotch tape stripes for each nail and apply them as shown on photo below
  3. Paint cuticle and tip with contrasting nail polishes

Easy Nail Designs For Short Nails To Do At Home

Turquoise & Gold Stone

  1. Apply a turquiose lacquer
  2. Crumple plastic bag and put golden polish on it
  3. Apply plastic bag to each nail to create golden stains as turquois stone has
  4. Remove excess gold polish
  5. Apply a top coat

short nail designs best unique


Three-Colored Nail Design

Cute Nail Designs For Short Nails


Pink Ombre Mani

Easy Nail Designs For Short Nails To Do At Home Step by Step

Easy Short Nail Design With A Stripe

  1. Apply a white polish to your nails
  2. Attach 2 pieces of scotch tape on both sides of the nail leaving a strip in the middle
  3. Paint stripes with a blue nail polish
  4. Unstick an scotch tape and apply a top coat

Gorgeous Ideas About Nail Designs for Short Nails

Black And Gold Chess Nail Design

Supplies: black and gold lacquers, tape, top coat

  1. Apply a black lacquer
  2. Glue two perpendicular pieces of Scotch tape up to surface of the nail leaving a free quarter. Paint it gold polish.
  3. Once nail polish is dry repeat the same actions for other quarter of the nail.
  4. Apply a top coat

Gold and black manicure

Try anoter option of stunning golden&black manicure:

black and golden nail design

Nude & Silver Glitter Half-Moon Mani

super easy nail designs for short nails

Gradient Polka Dot Nail Art

cute easy nail designs for short nails

Watercolor/Marble Manicure

  1. Apply 1-2 layers of white polish on each nail
  2. Drip a few spots of polish on each nail using brush
  3. While polish is still liquid, cover it with a plastic bag
  4. Gently press plastic bag to nail and rub it from side to side

easy diy nail designs for short nails

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