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Purple Nail Designs: The Color Of Fantasy

purple polka dot nail design Purple Nail Designs: The Color Of Fantasy post image

Purple color is a symbol of the imagination and dreams. In its various shades it is suitable for all seasons, for example, pastel purple could express your spring mood when early violets waking up, and deep purple is great for summer nights, when air is full of smells of flowering plants.

pretty purple nails


The main rule established by nail designers of the new season is “the darker nail polish, the shorter nails” So deep as the evening sky in a storm purple polish looks especially stunning on short (no more than a couple of millimeters) nails. At the same time pale lilac, lavender, delicate bluebells suit for longer nails.

pink and purple glitter nail design


Sequins or glitter are both great to enhance the beauty of your nails, which are in the trend for several years now. Shining decoration of nail makes nail design more notable and festive. For example, try to apply a glitter with contrasting color – silver, beige, light blue or scarlet to purple nail basis. It’s not just emphasize the intense color, but also draw attention to nails. However, we should remember that such a shining manicure requires flawless treatment of the cuticle.

purple glitter nails


Purple Metallic Nails

purple metallic nail design


Pretty Purple And Gold Mani

pretty purple and gold mani


Purple Polka Dot Nail Design

purple and glitter polka dot


Black Rose Nail Art

black rose nail art


Geometric Half-Moon Nail Design

half-moon purple nails


Silver Gradient Nails

glitter ombre nails

IG Photo by @amvpnails

Purple To Pink Chevron Gradient Nails

purple chevron nail art

IG Photo by @lifeisbetterpolished

Shades Of Purple Nail Design

shades of purple nail design


Cute Floral Purple Nail Design

cute purple manicure with flowers


Purple Rays Nail Art

rays nail art


Purple Leopard+Zebra Nail Design

purple leopard nails

IG Photo by @dndang

Purple Plaid Nail Art

purple plaid nails

IG Photo by @playfulpolishes

Purple Water Marble Manicure

water marble manicure


Easy Nail Art For Short Nails

purple and turquoise nails


Linear Purple And Mint Nail Design

linear purple nail design


Green And Purple Funny Nail Design

purple an green nails


Glitter Purple Nail Design

purple polka dot nail design


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