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Red Nail Designs For Short Nails

red and pink marble manicure Red Nail Designs For Short Nails post image

Red nails are always in trend, it’s a great color that emphasizes light skin tone, looks very nice, colorful and bright. Red manicure always so stunning that, and we can confidently clain this, it will never able to lose its charm and always will be relevant. 

There are a lot of red nail designs, for example, a lacquer can be applied to the entire nail,  in the form of a color blocks and patterns, in the form of half-moon mani, with rhinestone decorations and so on. We have found 15 great and easy red nail designs for short nails.

Cute Geometric Nail Art

red nail design for short nails


Cute and sophisticated at the same time, this negative space red nail design combine sheep as symbol of 2015 and geometric triangles and lines that are so trendy.

Blood-Red Nails

blood red nails


These blood-red nails look sexy and self-sufficient, but you will agree that a simple red manicure is a bit outdated. So why do not add tricolor strips that are so trendy in 2015 on your ringfinger nail?

Leopard And Red Nail Design

red and laopard nail designs


One of the sexiest and maybe a bit vulgar combinations – red and leopard. Colors of luxury, passion and wealth.

Matte Gradient Red Nails

matte red nails


Red-black gradient manicure looks modest and neat, but still attracts the views of others. This ombre effect is easy to create using such a common thing as a sponge.

Rhinestone Accented Nail Design

rhinestones red nail design


To make your glossy scarlet manicure even more bright and chic add shining rhinestones that will make your nails look luxurious and festive.

 Red And White Nail Design For Short Nails

flower red nail design


Playful nail design which is not difficult to create using a fine brush. Contrasting floral patterns make it look girlish and funny.

Polka Dot Red Nails

polka dot red nails


Polka dot manicure is one of the most simple nail art that any beginner can do using available suppliers (hairpin or a ballpoint pen, for example). Contrasting striped dots look  fun and add dynamics to manicure.

 Glitter Scarlet Nails

glitter and red nail design


Shining manicure for those who likes to capture the attention of other people. Yep, it’s hard to not to notice such an incredible manicure (and not to fall in love with it). To get this straight dividing line between nail polishes use a paper tape.

Red And Pink Marble Manicure

red and pink marble manicure

While making a marble manicure is difficult enough, the result is worth the effort. It is very important not to be mistaken with the pattern and color combination. In this case, the combination of pink and red looks awesome.

Color Blocked Red And Pink Nail Design

color blocked manicure


Easy to perform manicure which is suitable for everybody because of its gentle palette and restraint form.

Negative Space Bloody Nails

negative space red nail design



This simple and elegant manicure can be done with a slim nail  tape. Thin strips of naked space make this bloody-red manicure not so aggressively sexual.

Red French Mani

red french manicure

Pump up your favorite, but proboble pestered french manicure using bright contrast of red and black colors.

Red Zebra Nail Art

red zebra nail design

If you like animal patterns on your nails then you are unlikely to be able to pass a red zebra nail design.

Classic Half-Moon Mani

half-moon nail design



Сlassical half-moon nail design looks that way: red lacquer and naked cuticles. Small decoration adds a chic to this manicure.

Golden And Red Nail Design

red nail designs


Combination of gold and red polishes looks fantastic. Therefore, why not try to apply a gold glitter over the red nails?

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