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40 Simple Short Nail Designs For Beginners

craquelure short nails 40 Simple Short Nail Designs For Beginners post image

Many people like to create cool and ingenious nail design, some are really obsessed with this hobby. If you are beginner, but would like to learn how to make easy, fast and  not very expensive manicure at home (using suppliers that all people have), this article is for you. Article will also be useful for experienced  manicure lovers searching for inspiration.

Simple Nail Design For Short Nails

Multi-colored Nails

Very simple and original way to make a gorgeous manicure, because a mono-coloring it’s so boring! Various color schemes can help you to make daily or evening manicure. Shades of nail polish can be  combined according to the following principles:

  • Monochromatic – combining tones of one color like in mono ombre nail designs
  • Complimentary – combining contrasting colors in one manicure
  • Triadic – tricolor combination in one manicure. Take the primary color (red, blue, yellow), shade (pink, purple, orange, green), mix the base color and the hue (yellow-orange, blue and green)

blue gradient hail design

Cute And Easy Colorful And Stripe Nail Designs For Short Nails

Cute Simple Nail Designs For Kids

Nail Designs for Short Nails for Cute Girls

simple nail designs for short nails at home

It is also important to match correctly the texture of nail polishes (glance or matte), bright or muted tones (such as pastel tone), etc. Multicolored manicure looks very nice in combination with the half-moon, newspaper, French and other kinds of manicure or with a glitter and rhinestones decorations.

Easy Nail Designs are Beautiful Artwork

Reverse French Nail Design

Half-moon manicure is in the trend for several years, but is still popular: in fact this simple nail design opens a vast scope for imagination. The essence is to paint cuticle other color that a whole nail or leave in nude.


Making Half-moon manicure you can experiment with form of cuticle and color combinations.

Chevron reverse french nail design

A chevron reverse French Manicure

black and blue half-moon manicure

Black&White Half-Moon Mani

black and white reverse french manicure

classy half-moon

Reverse French Manicure Awesome

reverse french nail design

French Mani

Classic in nail fashion that is always relavant. In 2015 in vogue is combination of contrasting colors plus metallic.

Nail Trends Nail Art for Short Nails

Cute Nail Designs For Short Nails To Do At Home

black french manicure

blue and white french manicure

blue and white french nail design

double french nail design

Newspaper manicure

Newspaper manicure is relatively recent, but has already got the hearts of fashionistas for being easy-to-repeat and cool. The method of creating a manicure is simple: the printed newspeper images can be transferred directly to nails with alcohol.

newspaper manicure for short nails

newspaper manicure for short nails with faces

beattles manicure

newspaper gradient manicure

Polka Dots Mani

This bright and funny nail design can be easily made by all beginners. To make beautiful dots use the special tool called dotter or hairpin.

polka dot manicure suppliers

bright polka dot nails

glance and matte black polka dot nail design for short nails

polka dot accented ring nail

polka dot and french nail design

polka dot orange and white manicure

Ombre Nail Design For Short Nails

Ombre nail design always looks like done by professional manicurist. But you can make it by yourself at home. All you need is a usual sponge that people have at home.

cute pink and white short nail design

glitter short nails design

pink ombre nail design

blue and white gradient manicure

vertical gradient

matter ombre hail design

striped gradient nail design

stripes ombre

Craquelure Nail Design

Manicure using nail polish that cracks. The cracking method is completely different from polish to polish, which makes the creation of nail art in the style of craquelure an exciting adventure.

craquelure short nails

cracked ombre manicure

craquelure for short nails

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