Decorate Your Toe Nails With Different Types Of Nail Designs

toe nails

Great Nail Design Ideas to Decorate Your Toe Nails

toe nails

Toe nails are one of the easiest nails to get dirty and germicidal. Even though nails may appear smaller than other body parts, those are, indeed,one of the most important body parts to decorate in terms of being fashionable. There are many available decent nail designs for your nails, from using colorful nail colors to nail clips with different kinds of designs.

Toe nails are the most visible nails among all nails. This is because toe nail have larger and wider sizes than other nails. When we use different kinds of sandals or shoes, we also often see toe nail being open for other people’s sights. This makes us recommend to decorate toe nail differently to other nails.

Pink-dominated toe nail designs are common for most fashionistas or even people who use nail designs for fun. This applies to every available pink hues and gradations, from soft or baby pink to hot pink. Plain pink toe nail designs give the classical and timeless looks to your nails, yet, it is not impossible to decorate the pink nails with other stickers.

Star-shaped stickers are some of the most commonly used stickers for pink toe nail designs. Those stickers’ sizes are often small so they can accommodate the given spaces in the toe nail. Toe nails, being the widest-sized nails among all nails, can have more star-shaped stickers than the rest of the nails.

The alternative design you can choose for the star-shaped stickers for your toe nails is that you can add one or two slightly bigger-sized stars with different or brighter colors. Even though most people will choose either yellow or gold stars to decorate toe nails with pink background, you can also add other colors, such as red or blue stars, to your toe nail designs. In doing these, the toe nail will appear more visible while accentuating the difference to other nails.

Other commonly-used stickers for toe nail designs that are also suitable for designing or decorating your toe nail are the heart-shaped stickers. Even though these stickers go well with any backgrounds with pink hues, heart-shaped stickers can also compliment other basic colors, such as navy blue or soft purple.

Painting toe nails with two different and contrasting colors are also common in terms of decorating nails. Any white combinations are usually fine, since white itself is a basic color that goes well with either bright, soft, or dark colors.

For example, try to mix and match between red and white colors, with your toe nail being either painted in red or use patterns that accentuate the red colors in some ways. Some of the pattern examples you can try for your toe nail designs are the stripes or polka dots. These two are not only giving out a classic and timeless design for your toe nail, but also brighten your toe nail without having to add too many stickers. This is recommendable especially in areas where stickers and other nail ornaments can be costly.