Get Beautiful Nails with the Genius Tricks

Get Beautiful Nails with the Genius

Get Beautiful Nails with the Genius Tricks. Beautifying and designing our nails with using nail polish can be one way so that we look more leverage. Even with a simple nail designs, a neat looking nail polish can give us the impression that we are an organized and smart person. However, many of us will definitely find it more difficult, even to apply one color of nail polish neatly on our fingers and nails.


Get Beautiful Nails with


Some of people in this time always make innovations to create their nails more unique. There are some many inspiration that we can copy it for applying it on our nails. We may choose of the type of nail polish, ingredients to beautify our nails or also we can provide supporting tools to support our nail beauty. With using many ways, we can explore our nails what we want and what we do.

Get Beautiful Nails with

Some of Genius Tricks that We can Use for Our Nail Designs
Genius tricks of making nail designs for us are important to make our nail more beautiful. So, with these tricks, it will makes different nail designs for us. Here are some of genius tricks that we should have known:

Get Beautiful Nails with the Genius
Get Beautiful Nails with the Genius

1. Neat Nail Polish by Petroleum Jelly
We can prevent our messy nail polish with applying Vaseline petroleum jelly around of our nails. That way when accidentally smudging the skin, we can clean it easily without we ask other people to help us doing this kind. Neat nail polish by petroleum jelly is not needing much time. It can did by us faster.

2. Preventing Our Nail Polish Peel
Do we want to have lasting nail polish? We can choose and also apply these base coat to half of the tip of our nails. After it dry, we can repeat this step by coating everything parts of our nails. Nail polish that is prone to peeling on the outside will be more sticky and it is not easy to peel off.

3. Create the Nail Polish color firmer
To make the nail polish of our nail designs color look more firm and real, we can apply white paint before we are coloring our nails. This step will neutralize the natural nail color and make any colors more firm.

4. Pour Our Creativity on Our Nails
We always want to be creative with the nail arts, but it is not confident for fear the results are less than optimal. We can start it with drawing and creating nail polish on plastic first. After it drying, we can peel off the design and stick with clear nail polish on our nails. It is easier, is not it?

5. Choose One of Nail Designs
To beautify our nails, we can choose one of lots nail designs that we need for our nails. We may one of them that suitable with our needs and what we want. We can create nail motif, nail color or anything that can make our nails look so attractive and more beautiful. So, we can more beautiful by having beauty nails.