How to Outsmart Short Nail Designs to Look Longer

Tips of Making Nail Designs

How to Outsmart Short Nail Designs to Look Longer. Nails is one of part our bodies that important too. Everyone always have good nails, especially for idnplay poker women who always have longer and more beautiful nails in her body. So, it is so much for every woman making nail designs through anything ways and manners by making innovation and inspiration to designs her nails.

The Ways of Making Outsmart Short Nail Designs

There are some ways that we can apply to design our nails more beautiful and more confident. Having short nails is much more practical for carrying our out daily activities. Everything work is too easy than long nails. However, shorter nails are not considered beauty. Don’t worry for us, because there are a few tips for designing our shorter nails below:

o Glasses Nail Designs

Reflective or glasses paint is the simplest mode for our shorter nails. It is because only need to apply paints on the surface of our nails. Art of this nail designs are suitable for us who like simple and easy style but still look beautiful and confident. This art of nail designs was first introducing by Gigi Hadid in the past few year.

Glasses Nail Designs
Glasses Nail Designs

o Single Line Nail Designs

If we love the nail designs of the lines, we may apply and choose this style of nails. We just need to apply a vertical line to the center of our nails. For nail bases it is often recommended to select white color. When the line color can be red color, blue color, or also yellow color depending on taste. How to create a line is so easy, we are only need with using a toothpick. This nail style will make our nails look longer.

o Gradation Nail Designs

How to Outsmart Short Nail Designs to Look Longer
How to Outsmart Short Nail Designs to Look Longer

In this gradation nail designs, we may use three colors at once. Such as red color, yellow color and also orange color. To make this art of nail designs, we can apply darker colors first and then we overwrite all of them with other colors. This bail designs can also make short our nails appear long.

o Watermelon Nail Designs

If we have difficulties with the design of gradient, we can combine pink color, white and also pastel green to make a watermelon pattern on our nails. After the color is applied by us, we can add some black seeds to sweeten the nail polish.

Watermelon Nail Designs
Watermelon Nail Designs

o Adding Spots or Points

The other nail designs that we may try and apply on our nails is to add a row of small spots or points on the tip of the nails. With this designs, the eyes will be fixed to the longest part of each nails. To make an art of nail designs like this, it is also so easy cause it just requires a white as a base color.

o Half Moon Line Nail Designs

Making curves, semicircular lines or the moon not only matches the shape of our nails but also creates variation of colors on our nails. It is similar to the gradation nail designs.