Some Tips on How to Decorate Our Nail Designs Look More Beautiful in Japanese Style

Japanese Style Nail Designs

The development of creativity in beautifying appearance looks like it will never run out. Various kinds of decorative accessories keep appearing, ranging from necklaces, rings or even headbands and headgear. One type of accessories that seems to be a trend recently is to design our nails or also called art of nail designs or Japanese style nail designs.

The nail art is an action to design our nails with giving pictures, colors, decorations or paintings either done directly on our nails or with using plastic or fake nails that are adjusted to the size of the nail owner. There are type of various and kinds of basic ingredients that are used to apply a variety of unique ways to design Japanese style nails.

Kinds and Types of Japanese Style Nail Designs

Here are some types and kinds of basic materials used for the application of a variety of unique ways to design Japanese style nail designs processed from various sources, such as:

– Nail Polish

Japanese Style Nail Designs
Japanese Style Nail Designs

Nail or nail polish is one of the basic ingredients that can be chosen to be applied to nail designs. The use of nail polish as a base design is also known as art of nail designs nail polish.

– Stones

Unique stones can also be used to apply decoration or designs on our nail designs. However, the size of the stones chosen should not be too large. The use of rocks base material as nail designs are also known as art of nail designs.

Japanese Style Nail Designs
Japanese Style Nail Designs

– Sticky Paper

The use of sticky paper as the base medias for our nail designs seems to have enough fans. This method is also known as the art of nail designs by sticker method. However, the type or kind of sticker or sticky paper used is waterproof, so it is relatively more durable.

– Acrylic

The use of acrylic paint or the solid acrylic media as one of the basic nail designs media also seems to have a big number of teenagers. This acrylic method is also known as the acrylic art of nails designs method.

Some of the Causes of Damaged Nails

Nails can express our personality. In addition to having to appear with the maximum facial and hair features, we must also pay attention to the condition of our nails. Do not let of this one thing look broken and dirty. When the condition of our nails is damaged, we are unable to enjoy playing bola 88 at There are many possibilities that can cause it, and here are some habits that can damage our nails.

– Biting Our Nails

We must have to stop this habit cause it can inhabit nail growth and increase the risk of spreading infection. Besides this it also harms our teeth.

Biting Our Nails
Biting Our Nails

– Forget The Cuticles

Don’t forget for us to moisturize our cuticles. We can moisten it by oil or lotion so that the cuticles are healthy. It is not easy to peel and able to support our nails better.