Tips for Nail Designs to Look Strong and Radiant for Us

Nail Designs to Look Strong and Radiant

Tips for Nail Designs to Look Strong and Radiant for Us. The dry season is still influencing today’s our nail designs. The pastel colors for example pink color, orange color and also yellow color or light green and light blue colors are still carried. In order not to be monotonous, there is also a combination of colors that hit each other to the use of geometric nail designs motifs.

How to Make Nail Designs to Look Strong and Radiant

Some time ago, coloring of nails was immediately blocked. However over time, more and more creative nail designs of an art that play motifs, colors and also letters. So, here are some art of nail designs that we can try and apply to our nails:

1. The X Sign Nail Designs

This nail designs are simpler and easier for us to apply to our nails. We just do to try to make a cross on our nails with using paint as we want and we wish. The mark X was made just one millimeter thick to make it easier when given a color.

X Sign Nail Designs
X Sign Nail Designs

2. Making Different Colors and Different Motifs Nails.

The use of this nail designs will make our fingers look more festive. The reason is, in each nails will look different colors and also motifs. For example, on one hand made images of square, triangles, pyramid, parallelogram and also round. As for the color, we may combine and mix white black and white black colors. We must to have to apply this nail designs to the rest of our nails.

3. Making Thick Lines in the Middle of Our Nails

Other simple nail designs are a vertical line on our nails. To make it looks more beautiful and more elegant, we can design colors with metallic colors like silver color or gold color. The rest of the nail is left transparent. This nail designs is suitable for tapering our hands.

4. Making Accent of Transparent in the Middle of Our Nails

Unlike the nail designs above, this nail art instead uses the full of coloring concept. However, in order not to be monotonous, we can make horizontal lines that are deliberately made transparent. This nail designs is suitable for our hands by wide nails.

5. Lemon Nail Designs

Summer season does need something fresh. One of them is fruit that can refresh our day. There is nothing wrong thing by putting pictures of lemons on our beautiful nail designs.

Lemon Nail Designs
Lemon Nail Designs

6. Ice Cream Nail Designs

Consuming and eating an ice cream on a hot afternoon can be relied upon. To make our day no less cool, we may just apply cheerful colors on our nails. For examples, we can try to use light blue color, pink color, white and brown colors are arranged in a stack.

Ice Cream Nail Designs
Ice Cream Nail Designs

7. Complicated Line Nail Designs

This nail designs require accuracy and detail that creates the eyes more open. It is because the drawings made are quite complicated lines. To make it look more eye catching when playing poker online, we may use striking colors for example like gold, yellow, and red.