Top 5 Nail Design to Give You the Aesthetics

nail design

Check This Nail Design Best Ideas to Give You the Aesthetics

nail design

Nail design can give you the aesthetics because having a nail art can be really nice for girls as they want something pretty for their hands. They like to try many nail designs in order to suit their overall look. Also, often they want different nail designs for different occasion based on the clothes they are wearing.

It is common as the girls want to get the aesthetic from their nail. They want to look wonderful on every event to boost their confidence. In order to have the beautiful nails there are some top designs that you can choose:

Several Tops Nail Designs

  1. Checkerboard Nail Design

Colorful checkerboard is still the favorite design for the nails because it can elevate the pretty nails very well. Also, it can be combined with many solid colors for as the base. If you like it, you can also combine it with several characters, but you need to make sure that it is not too crowded or the overall look of the nails will be too powerful.

  1. French Manicure

Having white color on the tip of your nails are still favorable for many women. This design never grows old and you can use this kind of design to match any kind of dress. But, since it is simple, it is better to use this for casual event or at home. If you want to attend a big party and you want to stand out, you might need another design for your nails.

  1. Graphic Edge

You can be standout by choosing graphic edge for your nails. The combination of two different colors and two different shapes make your nails look stunning. Try to combine black and gold to make your performance more stunning among the crowds.

  1. Cheetah Tips

The pattern of cheetah’s fur on your nails can make your nails look sophisticated. It is not too much but you can still look standout. To make it look more feminine, you can try to use purple and pink as the combination for the cheetah tips.

Avoid using black and white color as it may make your nails look too strong.

  1. YinYang

Yin yang in two or three nails can boost the overall look of your nails. You can use solid soft color for other nails and use yin yang to those three nails in the center. Try also put ying yang only to some parts of the nail to avoid the bold look.

Try to combine the yin yang with solid soft light brown to make your nails look pretty.

  1. Tiny Floral

If you like flowers, tiny floral can be applied on your nails with the combination of soft solid color. Your nails will look amazing as if you are in the garden. The overall look can be beautiful if you choose perfect color for the base color and for the floral. You may choose any kind of flower that you like, whether it is rose, sun flower, daisy, or other flowers.

If you can mix match the style well and try to suit it with your clothes, then the nails will elevate the beauty in you. Make sure to always feel confident wherever you are because you can shine everywhere if you have the trust in you.